Rustic Pavlova Cake


Rustic Pavlova Cake

Crispy meringue with soft marshmallow Crispy meringue outside, light soft marshmallow inside, topped with cream and fruit. This recipe is a rustic version, nothing fancy, simple to make and delicious. Originally named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, in honour of the dance during her tour in Australia. Some say […]


Pistachio Pavlova Meringue Cakes

These pistachio pavlova meringue cakes are a delightful and elegant dessert. The crispy meringue shells are filled with a creamy pistachio filling, creating a perfect balance of textures and flavors. This recipe is sure to impress your guests and leave them wanting more.


Recipe: A rum cocktail

If you prefer your cocktail to be less sweet, you can adjust the amount of simple syrup and lime juice to fit your tastes. Similarly, you can opt for a white or golden rum for a milder, smoother flavor, or a dark rum for a more intense and complex profile. […]


Recipe: A rum and coffee cocktail

This rum and coffee cocktail is a perfect combination of rich and bold flavors. The base of the cocktail is made with a combination of dark rum and coffee liqueur, which adds complexity and depth to the drink. To add creaminess and texture to the cocktail, a frothy layer of […]

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Cocktail recipe: A French 75 for everyone

This classic cocktail can be adapted for those who are drinking, want something lighter, or who are fully abstaining from alcohol. The French 75 is a yummy cocktail that has gin, Champagne, lemon juice, and sugar in it. It’s famous for its fizzy and delicious taste and is enjoyed by […]


Italian Cream Cheese Stuffed Celery

Italian Cream Cheese Stuffed Celery – outrageously good with only 5 ingredients! A party favorite! Can make in advance and refrigerate until ready to serve. Celery, cream cheese, Italian dressing mix, mayonnaise, and mozzarella cheese. This is always the first thing to go! Great for game day, parties, potlucks, and […]


Classic Margaritas

The margarita, now one of the most popular cocktails in the world, is thought to have started out as the variation on another prohibition-era drink called the “Daisy”. Spanish for “daisy”, the marg swapped in tequila for the requisite brandy and lime juice for lemon juice, and a classic was born. Decades have […]